What is theraffler.co?

Theraffler.co is simply instragram comment scraper with bunch of tools in it. What you can do with theraffler.co is not just limited with scraping comments to an excel sheet. We sure do that, but we have surely more then that. Lets start with a simple explanation.


You are going to give your Instagram followers some present for a special day. They need to comment to your post, follow your account and bunch of other terms. With other services you can only extact comments and possibly download it. But after that, you are completely alone. Well, here is the magic part.


Theraffler.co doesn’t do that!


After we extract your comments, in the result page you can make a raffle just with a click! You can select;


  • Number of winners
  • Number of backup winners
  • How many mentions should be commented
  • How many hashtags should be commented
  • Which will be in comment
  • Your raffle end date
  • Filtering duplicated users
  • Checking if the user following your account


It’s cool right? But thats that even the cool part yet!


When you finish and the winners are decided, we’ll give you a short code named raffle code in the raffle result page. While you are announcing the winners in your account, you can mention the raffle code which they can verify within our webiste with a simple step. Or even you can share the verification page with swipe so they don’t have to bother.


So this will help your followers to believe you’ve made a fair raffle and winners are deserved it!


And beyond all that, theraffler.co is completely free comment scraper service! You can make 3 requests and unlimited raffles every day without any payment!


That’s how theraffler.co is work!