how it works

this is how the raffler works.

Main features of our service

Easy as it gets

We don't need your post link to scrape comments. Just login with facebook and select your giveaway post.

Official Facebook API

We are using official Facebook API to scrape instagram comments. No more failed requests or long waiting times.

Fastest scraper in market

Using unofficial API with bot instagram accounts are slow and fails a lot. We use official API which is ~5x faster.

Free for small businesses

Small businesses can use our scraper for free. You can scrape 3 posts with 100 comments each every day for free.

Export as excel sheet

When your results are ready, you can export them into excel sheet. You can also choose a winner in the same page.

Advanced filters

You can access buch of advanced filters while choosing a winner. Like following check, mention, hastag and more.

Must follow option

You can activate the option must follow my account to make sure winner is following your instagram account.

Number of mentions

You can determine how many mentions should the winner mention in a single comment to win your giveaway.

Number if hastags

You can determine how many hastags should the winner tag in a single comment to win your giveaway.

Texts on comments

You can determine the exact words, mentions or hastags should the winner comment to win your giveaway.

Giveaway end date

You can determine the end date of your giveaway. The comments sent after this date will be ignored.

Filter duplicate users

If you activate this option, comment counts will be ignored and each user will have only one chance to win.

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