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Theraffler.co is simply instragram comment scraper with bunch of tools in it. What you can do with theraffler.co is not just limited with scraping comments to an excel sheet. We sure do that, but we have surely more then that. Lets start with a simple explanation.   You are going to give your Instagram followers... read more
Hi all,   First of all thank you for using our service. To make the process fair and transparent we are also tracking your results on our system as well. As per our policy, while you are announcing your results, you’ll also have to share your verify link using swipe-up with your followers. If you... read more
Today, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms which is used by both individuals and businesses. There are many campaigns to grow the audience of the profiles such as giveaways. If you have explored more about these campaigns and planning to perform one on your account, then you will need supportive tools such... read more
If you are running a business account on Instagram or you have a personal account that has lots of followers, you can benefit from certain marketing strategies. Especially, those who are willing to increase their followers or engagement should definitely take advantage of such strategies. One of these is free giveaways which can be a... read more