Instagram Comment Giveaway Online

Instagram is a social media platform which is being used by many people and businesses. Today, it is considered as one of the best platforms to create interaction as well as introduce new products. People can follow the accounts they are interested in and see their posts regularly. Especially, businesses take advantage of Instagram a lot to increase their social media presence. They aim to increase their followers and reach more people by creating different kinds of campaigns but especially the giveaway campaigns. Here, our Instagram comment giveaway service stands out.


The service we offer on our website allows people to download Instagram comments on their hardware. In this way, they can organize these comments easily and do whatever they want to do with these. Most commonly businesses take advantage of this service as Instagram comment scraper to choose the winner of the contests or casting lots among the users who left a comment on their posts. So in case you already organized a campaign or you are looking for a way to increase the interaction on your profile then this tool will be really handy for you and your business.


How Instagram Comment Giveaway Tool Works?


The only thing that you need to provide is the Instagram link of your specific post and your email to benefit from this Instagram comment giveaway service. We will notify you when your comments are ready to download as soon as the procedure ends. After that, you will be given a Raffle ID where you can share that ID with your followers to be more transparent. In addition to this, you can also open these comments on Microsoft Excel to make sure that you do not miss any comments while inspecting them. In case you are willing to benefit from such a handy tool, all you have to do is visit our homepage at